Have a look at our latest dances. I search for new ones each week and try them out on our class. Occasionally I'll revive an old classic requested by the class. And sometimes we give you a sample of the dance music. We hope you enjoy your visit, and these video's give you some idea of the steps, how they fit to the music and where the tags/bridges fit in. We add new dances every week. we would love to have your comments, and any suggestions you may have, are very welcome.


Our Latest


Love Remains by Gary O’Reilly  Step Sheet  Video

Champagne Promise by Tina Argyle  Step Sheet   Video

Clap Snap from philip Sobrielo & Rebecca lee  Step Sheet  Video

Roots by Tina Argyle  step  sheet video

No Sun On Sunday by Niels Poulsen step Sheet  Video

Wandering Hearts by Gary O’Reilly and Maggie Gallagher Step sheet  Video

Havana Ooh-Na-Na by Julia wetzell step sheet  video

Forget Me Not by Pat Stott  step sheet  video

Act Like A Man by Niels Poulsen  step sheet  video

Pieces by Dustin Betts  step sheet  movie

Boots by Maddison Glover  Step Sheet  Video

Paris In The Rain by jose Miguel & Sebastion Bonnier  Step Sheet   Video

Be Strong by Audrey Watson  Step Sheet  Video

No Panic by Niels Poulsen  step sheet  Video

Capital Letters by Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax  Step sheet  Video

No Excuses by Julia wetzel  Step sheet  Video

Beautifully Broken by Tina Argyle, Kim Ray & Pat Stott   Step sheet  Video

Celtic Duo by Maggie ‘G’ & Gary O’Reilly  step sheet  Video

Doing The Walk by Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps & Pim Van Grootel step sheet  video

I Got This Too by Kate Sala  step sheet  video